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Episode 4

Published on:

3rd Feb 2020

The One About Vaccine Security

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John Atkinson and Alasdair King talk about their experience at the recent EuFMD Vaccine Security meeting, we interview Polly Compston about her PhD in Kenya looking at motivators for FMD vaccination, and we announce the first recipients of the Rabies Hero Awards.

Episode 3

Published on:

3rd Jan 2020

The One to Start 2020

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As we enter into 2020 I talk about some of the things happening in emerging and transboundary diseases, and the hope for big steps forward in controlling them.

Episode 2

Published on:

18th Dec 2019

The One About GFRA

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In this episode we talk to Kasia Bankowska about her experiences at the recent Global Foot and Mouth Research Alliance meeting in Bangkok, we hear from Keith Sumption of the EuFMD about their upcoming Vaccine Security meeting, and Anthony Chadwick of Webinar Vet about the rabies focus in the upcoming Virtual Congress.

Episode 1

Published on:

24th Nov 2019

The One About RITA

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During this first episode we hear from John Atkinson of MSD Animal Health and Lea Knopf of the WHO of their experiences at the recent Rabies in the Americas conference. We also discuss some of the possible impacts of the spread of African Swine Fever.

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Alasdair King

Director of International Veterinary Health at MSD Animal Health, Alasdair has worked with governments to help control many transboundary and emerging diseases including Bluetongue, FMD, rabies, Avian Influenza and Lumpy Skin Disease.